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FB 2023

The first competition of our rookie season in the electric category has been a long awaited one. We couldn't have made it to Formula Bharat 2023 without the backing of our several ardent benefactors, professors and mentors.We're overjoyed to announce that we placed 3rd overall in FB23!

We were also awarded
First in the Business Plan Presentation
Runner up in Engineering Design
4th in Cost and Manufacturing
Runner up in the Mathworks Modelling Award
FB23 has been an invaluable learning experience, and we hope to use these lessons to come back stronger next year.


PI-EV 2022


We secured First place in almost every category, ratifying our design in stunning fashion. We took first place in Team Management, Procurement Strategy, and Engineering Design Challenge and we secured second Place in Software Architecture, losing out on first place by 0.35 points. Additionally, we also received the award for the Best Powertrain and Best Battery Design.

Having spent the entirety of the duration of the pandemic honing our design, the team went into the Pi-EV concept challenge with only one goal in mind: to win it all. ANd that is exactly what we did, winning the Pi-EV 2022 Overall Championship, bagging numerous awards in the process.

Pi-EV Win.png

FBV 2021

FBV 2021.png

We secured first place in Engineering Design Category and fifth place in Business Plan Presentation. Additionally, we won the Best Powertrain and Best Battery Design awards.

Owing to the Covid pandemic, our first national competition in the electric category was the Formula Bharat Virtuals. What followed was an almost picture-perfect result, as we won the overall championship, bagging numerous awards in the process


FB 2021

FB 2021.png
FB 2021 TROPHIES.png

It's hard to win, harder to defend. It had been a tough year for everyone. Unfortunately, COVID-19 hit the world hard and all competitions were canceled. To still be able to race against other teams, we took part in virtual events conducted by Formula Bharat. We successfully defended our title as champions of Formula Bharat in the combustion category, becoming the only team to have achieved this feat.

We secured first place in the engineering design event. We were the winners of the Connected Tech award. Additionally, we also won the Best Powertrain award, providing us with a fitting end to our combustion legacy

FB 2020

FB 2020 .png

We won the fabheads composite tech award. We also managed to break our last year’s record of static points with 320 out of the possible 325, winning the Design and Business Plan events. We came 3rd in skidpad, 3rd in Autocross, 3rd in endurance, and 1st in fuel efficiency. With overall 1st in statics and 2nd in dynamics we stood about a hundred points clear as the Overall Combustion Champions of Formula Bharat 2020.

The toughest of times often have the sweetest of endings. There is no such thing as overnight success. The countless sleepless nights spent obsessing over ways to make a championship-worthy car finally paid off, culminating in us finally winning the overall Formula Bharat championship in the combustion category.


FSG 2019

FSG 19 CAR 1.png

We replicated our national success in the statics events here as well, placing 3rd in Cost and 11th in Business Plan. With a goal to finish every event at FS Germany, we did just that, gathering immense amounts of invaluable on-track data in the process.

Having qualified 4th for FSG the team went to Germany, armed with an extremely reliable car and data-hungry car, with the intention of making the most of the competition experience.

FSG 19 PIC 2.png

FB 2019

RFR_FB19 1.jpg

Armed with the valuable lessons of FSG 18, the team went on to face the next challenge, FB 2019. Determined to better the performances of the previous year, the team went into the competition with their head help high.

We secured first in design, second in the cost event and third in the Business Plan presentation. This meant that we secured first place in the overall statics event with a record-breaking 311/325 points.

FSG 2018

FSG 2018.png

We secured a Score of  90/150 in the Design Event, and 80/100 in the Cost Event. We are proud to be the only Indian team to have qualified for FSG 2018.

The team qualified as the only Indian entrant to Formula Student Germany. Though the car faced reliability issues, the team stood its ground and fought its way through everything that came its way in what was a huge learning experience for years to come.

FSG 2018 TEAM PIC.png

FB 2018

FB 2018 1.png

Our successes in Formula Bharat 2018 played a crucial role in setting us up to give it our all during our return to Formula Student Germany.

RFR 18 made its mark when it stood third overall in Formula Bharat. Additionally, we placed first in fuel efficiency and second in endurance.

FB 2018 2.png

FS Italy 2017

We placed 15th in the overall event, securing first place in fuel efficiency and 12th in endurance, the best finish by a non-European team in the competition, and making Raftar among the first Indian teams to finish an international endurance and the first one to win a dynamic event..

Headed to FS Italy, this was the first international competition in three years for the team. The car though, set the track ablaze, not only making us the first Indian team to complete an international endurance but also the first Indian team to win an international dynamic event.

17 rfr.png

FB 2017

FB 17 1.png

The team placed second overall at Formula Bharat, securing first place in endurance, skidpad, and in fuel efficiency.

Featuring a new single cylinder KTM390, a 3D printed intake and a complete aero package, RFR17 was a fast, gorgeous and immaculate race car. The team continued the legacy from the previous year, continuing to be one of the favourites of the competition.

FS India 2016

Screenshot 2022-10-05 211041.png

The car not only cleared TI, but completed the endurance event for the first time and propelled our position to 3rd at the table, giving us a place at the winner’s podium. The team also placed second in the AutoX event and won the fuel efficiency event.

In FSI 2016, the main roll hoop turned out to be non-TI compliant. A last-minute superhuman effort from the team resulted in the car getting stripped down, having its chassis rewelded and reassembled inside a truck on a cold Delhi night on the way back to the Buddh International circuit.

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